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Although we try very hard to meet your needs, there may be an occasion we are unable to do so. We always welcome your feedback even if it is negative. We use your feedbacks as guidance. Some of our office policies have actually been created due to patient’s feedback. You can leave your feedback with your name or anonymously but please be specific, so that we can address any concerns.

“I met Dr. Sabahi today for the first time due to the fact that I had recently been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. He spoke in a caring manner and explained my situation very clearly. He then discussed a treatment plan in detail. i was extremely pleased with his overall manner, intelligence and knowledge of my situation. If you find yourself in a situation where you need medical assistance in his area of expertise, I highly recommend you make an appoint.”

“Dr. Sabahi is absolutely fantastic. Actually, he’s a wizard….period! I suffered a number Gout attacks and had NO idea what was causing these painful attacks. I looked on the internet to see if could determine what the heck was going on with my foot. My podiatrist finally suggested I seek a Rhuematologist to determine what I was suffering from and a plan of attack. It turns out, my Uric Acid level was at 9.1 when I first saw Dr. Sabahi. He immediately put me on Colcrys (40mg twice a day)for several weeks and then started me on Uloric (80mg once a day). I went in for a follow-up visit appx four weeks after my first visit and my blood test showed my Uric Acid level at 6.0 (unbelievable!), plus I did not have any further Gout attacks!! Dr. Sabahi is truly a professional, he listens to his patients and is very thorough with explaining what his plan will be to cure you and specific milestones to recovery. This man is truly a wizard! “

“Dr. Sabahi is fabulous. If it wasn’t for him taking over my father’s care and his recommendations of other physicians for my father’s medical team I truly believe my father wouldn’t be here today. I appreciate Dr Sabahi’s frankness, attentiveness, caring and sense of humor. Sometimes he makes our head spin with all the information he gives us, but it so much better than no information and he always makes sure we understand everything. He patiently answers our questions. He provides my father with excellent care and genuinely cares about his improvement and quality of life “

“My family doctor was treating me for rheumatoid arthritis for 4 long years with prednisone , imuran and diclofenac. Never felt ok and was always tired. Don’t know why I was not referred to specialist !!! Finally I took matters in my own hands and saw Dr. Sabahi. My disease was not under control at all. With my new medications I feel much better. “

Negative Reviews & Responses

“Dr. Sabahi would not be my choice of rheumatologist. He has a very elitist attitude and a poor manner. He refuses to see certain patients and is rude to people. I thought many people become physicians to help people, I feel it is not the case with him.“

Response: I am sorry to hear your judgment about my professionalism and character. Unfortunately I do not have contracts with all insurances and I cannot treat or manage all disorders. I am a board certified rheumatologist but I am not a pain management doctor or social security disability doctor.

“Terrible, Never On Time. Rude And Very Deceptive With Fees. Dr. Sabahi Is Very Condescending And Does Not Truly Care About His Patients “

Response: I am sorry about your experience in our office but I would like to clarify a few issues. We are not deceptive in any form or shape .All of our patients are required to sign the financial policy which clearly outlines the patient’s financial responsibilities in the very first visit before being seen. I believe that you as a patient should have already read and signed the same financial policy; otherwise you would have not been seen in our office. As a physician my main goal is to treat the patients hence I have outsourced the billing process to MDRX enterprises, a reputable and highly experienced third party billing company. I urge you to contact the billing company to address your financial concern at your earliest convenience.

My goal is to diagnose and treat my patients accurately and with dignity at all times, even if I cannot accommodate their special requests such as signing the disability forms. Please contact me directly or talk to my office manager and give us the details of your encounter that upset you. Unfortunately without knowing the circumstances, I cannot address your concern. I need your help to learn from my mistakes so hopefully another patient will not have the same experience.

We try very hard to reduce the waiting time in our office. At times we are unable to do so because another patient needs an urgent procedure or I have to discuss the case with another physician or family members. I apologize because you have been waiting longer than what you expected.

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