Why Exercise Is So Important When You Have Arthritis

The joint pain, inflammation, and swelling that appear as symptoms of arthritis can make you feel like exercise is a bad idea. However, you should think again! Research shows multiple health benefits for regular exercise in patients with types of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The team of arthritis experts at Pleasanton Arthritis and Osteoporosis Medical Center of Pleasanton, California, led by Dr. Iraj Sabahi, can help you put together your arthritis-friendly exercise plan this spring and summer. When you’re exercising with arthritis, you might need to pay more attention to padding or choose low-impact activities.

No matter your arthritis symptoms, your provider at Pleasanton Arthritis and Osteoporosis Medical Center will be able to recommend a suitable exercise plan to maintain and even improve your physical health and wellness. Together, we can find creative ways to keep you active and develop strategies to handle any breakthrough arthritis pain.

Benefits of exercise for arthritis

There are so many benefits of regular exercise for patients coping with chronic arthritis!

For one thing, your body weight can impact your joints, worsening arthritis-related pain, and stiffness. If you can reduce excess weight even by a small amount, as little as five to 10% of your total body weight, you could see significant improvements in your mobility, as well as reductions in your pain and fatigue levels.

Exercise also helps your body release pain-relieving endorphins and helps you develop stronger muscles around joints affected by arthritis. Stronger muscles support and cushion your joints, lessening your vulnerability to pain symptoms. And, stronger bones from regular exercise can stand up better to arthritis attacks.

Your custom arthritis support exercise regimen takes your condition into account and targets the areas of your body affected by arthritis. With moderate regular exercise, you can build strength and stamina, and not exhaust yourself or push yourself into a flare-up.

Tips for exercising with arthritis

With Dr. Sabahi and the team at Pleasanton Arthritis and Osteoporosis Medical Center, you have extensive knowledge and experience in handling arthritis on your side. Depending on your exact diagnosis, symptoms, and fitness goals, we might recommend that you:

Living with a chronic pain condition places unique stresses on your body and mind. You might not be able to exercise in the same ways as you did before your arthritis. It’s all right to meet your body where it is now, and figure out the right approach to working out with your condition, so that you don’t suffer from stress-induced flare-ups later on.

Approach new exercise programs with caution, and watch to see if you need to take a day to rest between workouts as you start. If you see increased pain or swelling in areas affected by arthritis, you should take a break, and may need to decrease the intensity of your activity.

For arthritis care you can rely on, get in touch with the team at Pleasanton Arthritis and Osteoporosis Medical Center at our locations in Pleasanton and Turlock, California today. Schedule with the online tool, or call now to book.

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